11/10-11/24 Signature Chicken

11/10-11/24 Signature Chicken

from 13.50

Chicken Marsala, a traditional italian dish typically found in Sicily. Perfect Southern Comfort Food.

Locally sourced chicken breast, marinated in sweet marsala wine and spices, pounded thin, battered and fried, (we can substitute grilled chicken), served with local haw river mushrooms, prosciutto, olive oil, salt + pepper.

Served with bucatini pasta and local green beans from walker farms.

We have Keto/Gluten Free options available, select grilled chicken and double green beans.

Allergy Information: Garlic, Wheat, Dairy

This special is only on the menu 11/10/2019-11/24/2019. Please order two days in advance of your pickup/delivery date.

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